With a more than 30 years of experience Aling-Conel is a regional leader of innovative and safe electrical installation solutions.
Aling-Conel is part ALING Group whitch was established in 1984.


  • 1984.ALING Group was founded by Risto Dangubić
  • 1991.New production capacities and new machinery for metal processing for chipping, gnawing, grinding; EDM machines, NC and CNC machining centers; new production line for plastic masses processing by injection molding
  • 1992.Cooperation with Brovex, Sweden and PMV, Germany
  • 1993.Production and assembly plant for complete range of metal and plastic OG program
  • 1998.Cooperation with Ericson, Sweden
  • 1999.Aling-Conel was established; it inherited entire production program from Aling
  • 2004.Cooperation with Atomic, Gruner, BMW, BectoPrecisa(EMKA)
  • 2006.Aling Conel obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and won award “Entrepreneur of the Year”
  • 2007.Launching of modular program Aling Mode and winning award for the best manufacturer of the year
  • 2008.Launching program Power Line – solution for indoor electrical installations with the protection degree IP 44
  • 2008.Launching new armor OG program Armor Line
  • 2009.Annual price for the best medium manufacturer by Serbian Chamber of Commerce
  • 2010.Aling Conel was awarded by SIEPA (Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency) for Exporter of the Year
  • 2013.Launching the Mode Intelligence – innovative, modern and simple solution for ambient light change
  • 2013.Current production facilities were expanded with additional 1000m2 and now we operates on 8000m2
  • 2014.New production program was launched – thermoplastic lamp holders E14 and E27; new modular program Experience was presented on 30th anniversary of company’ foundation and will be on the market during the following year
  • 2017.New product line EON (mounting box Ø60) was launched on the market.


  • 5 hotels in Sochi, Russian Federation
  • Olympic village for winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russian Federation
  • 2 hotels and 4 exclusive residential complexes in Krasnodar, Russian Federation
  • Residential – commercial complex 10000m2 in Konakovo, Russian Federation
  • 1.500 apartments through our distributor Electro Uldrich in Check Republic
  • 2.000 apartments through our distributor Vikon in Slovakia
  • Numerous residential, commercial and industrial facilities in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Clinical center of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia