Modular program EXPERIENCE represents a blend of experience, new bold color combinations and exclusive materials.

Program is divided into three lines: Basic, Color, Exclusive

Basic decorative frames and frame holders are made in three colors: white, black and silver. Ultimative elegance and lightness are reflected in the geometry of shapes and glossy surface to create a new definition of style.

Color is divided into three sub-groups, and provides a number of playful combination of design: Vivid - with its playful palette of pastels and bright colors enriches every outdoor Metallic - metal effect for daring combination of modern interior design Soft touch - playing with your senses through gentle touch and soft illumination in the dark.

Exclusive consists of cover frames made of top quality materials solid wood, metal and glass. Solid wood - gives a feeling of warmth and the rusticity of the traditional interior Metal - created for modern spaces that want a dose of extravagance on the wall Glass - gently fit radiant spaces that follows new trends.