We present to you a new on-to-the-wall line of switches and sockets intended for internal and external installation - PROTECTA.

Thanks to the high degree of protection - IP55PROTECTA withstands temperature changes, it is water and dust resistant, and prevents negative influences from the external environment into the interior of the product.

PROTECTA ensures maximum functionality, while retaining the simplicity of installation of the products.

line is complied with NF C 61-314.


The new EXPERIENCE FRAME masks are designed to fit seamlessly into any interior style.

The combination of modern design, functionality and elegance of FRAME masks, created with attention to detail, provide a unique experience to users.


From now on, the universal EXPERIENCE indicator for the bathroom will be available in 3 other colors (Cream, Silver, Soft Touch) in addition to the standard white color, with horizontal and vertical mounting options.


The offer of distribution boxes has been enriched with the offer of another new color (black) whose case is made of ABS plastic with IP 54 degree of protection.

Distribution boxes provide the possibility of complete protection from external factors.


Wall mounted boxes:
◾️ 2 modules
◾️ 4 modules
◾️ 7 modules
From now on also in black color.


Floor boxes

  • Complies with EN 50085-1 and EN 50085-2-2
  • Floor boxes for floors 75-125 mm
  • Floor boxes for floors 50-75 mm


  • Conforms to IEC 60884-1
  • Installation in the module box by pressing
  • For installation in floor distribution systems, parapet channels,
    installation poles and table boxes with 45mm support


Proizvodni programi PRESTIGE line i EON obogaćeni su novim proizvodom Priključnica USB punjač TIP C  3A 5V.

art.6166.x - Priključnica USB punjač TIP C  3A 5V

art.E6166.x - Priključnica USB punjač TIP C  3A 5V


- Za ugradnju 7 modula

- Ugradnja na zid pomoću vijaka



Modularni program EXPERIENCE obogaćen je ponudom novih proizvoda u 4 boje (bela, siva, krem i crna):

Priključnice nerastavne bez centralnog vijka u modularnom programu EXPERIENCE

art.74151.x  Priključnice dvopolna nerastavna bez centralnog vijka 16A 250V 2M

art.74152.x  Priključnice dvopolna nerastavna bez centralnog vijka sa zaštitom kontakata 16A 250V 2M

art.74153.xT  Priključnice dvopolna nerastavna bez centralnog vijka sa transparentnim poklopcem 16A 250V 2M

art.74154.xT  Priključnice dvopolna nerastavna bez centralnog vijka sa zaštitom kontakata i transparentnim poklopcem 16A 250V 2M

art.74162.x Sklop dve priključnice dvopolne 16A 250V 2x2M

art.74163.x Sklop tri priključnice dvopolne 16A 250V 3x2M



U modularnom programu ALING MODE redizajniran je proizvod art. 6525 Montažna kutija PM5 za 5M za pun zid.

Kako bi montaža bila olakšana montažna kutija je proširena +12 mm u visinu i +5mm u dubinu, na taj način radni prostor je komotniji i sa lakoćom se vrši montaša provodnika za 5 modula.