ALING-CONEL, as a responsible manufacturer, is constantly investing in standardization and certification processes. For ALING-CONEL, certification means a security because products are developed in a sustainable manner based on international and domestic standards.

For customers, the certificates represent safety and reliability in the application of the product.

In the middle of the year ALING-CONEL expanded its certificate range with VDE (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker) certificate for brands PRESTIGE and EON. VDE tags confirm compliance of products with national and international standards, as well as fulfill the requirements of the legal protection. VDE tested products reflect state-of-the-art technology and offer enhanced legal security in case of unexpected problems in the application of products in everyday use.

The VDE Institute, based in Frankfurt am Main, was founded in 1893, and with a tradition of over 125 years, represents the most renowned Institute for Product Certification.

Possession of the VDE certificate and the ability to place the VDE logo on the product for the production company is a confirmation of the superior quality of the product and the safety of its use. ALING-CONEL will have a VDE mark on the back of the body of the product by the end of 2019 on all switches and sockets.

VDE certificates for PRESTIGE and EON brands can be downloaded from the ALING-CONEL website, in the download section or directly from the VDE Institute site.



Our programs for mounting box fi60 PRESTIGE and EON are complemented with new articles:

PRESTIGE - art.6095.00 Push-button card holder

EON - art.E6095.00 Push-button card holder

There articles are suitable for any ISO card. Not for access control. ISO card not included. 



Our program for mounting box fi60 PRESTIGE is complemented by new decorative frames:

art.6705.x 5-gang decorative frame PRESTIGE horizontal

art.6715.x 5-gang decorative frame PRESTIGE vertical

Decorative frames can be obtained in standard PRESTIGE colors: white (x=0), beige (x=9), graphite (x=2), dark red (x=3) and silver (x=S).

Products are available from May 2019.


NEW PRODUCT T adaptor art.320.T

Dwo-pole plug with combination of 3 socket-outlets (T adaptor) 16A 250V~ next to existion ones in white and black color (art.320.0 and art.320.13) will be produced in atractive transparent combination (art.320.T). Product will be available from march 2019. 


EXPERIENCE enclosures IP55 for module installation, on sale from February 2019

Protection against dust, complete touch protection, protection against spraying water

Two types of installation: into the wall and onto the wall

Two colors: white (x=0) and grey (x=1)

New articles are:

• 71432.x Enclosure for modules for into the wall with screws 2M

• 71442.x Enclosure for modules for into the wall with claws 2M

• 71434.x Enclosure for modules for into the wall with screws 4M

• 71422.x Enclosure for modules for onto the wall 2M

• 71424.x Enclosure for modules for onto the wall 4M


By the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, and in realization of MediaInvent, the University of Novi Sad, the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina and RTV Vojvodina, the prestigious Award "Kapetan Misa Anastasijevic" for Lifetime Achievement was awarded to founder of company ALING-CONEL Mr. Risto Dangubić.

The ceremony was held in Matica Srpska in Novi Sad on Thursday, December 26, 2018.


Modular programs MODE and EXPERIENCE we enriched with new product – USB charger in 1M. It is used for charging of electronic devices via standard USB port. Power of charger is 2,1A.

At MODE modular program we are producing this product in two standard colors of modules: white (art.6629.0) and anthracite (art.6629.A)

At EXPERIENCE modular program we are producing this product in four standard colors of modules: white (art.74289.0), soft black (art.74289.E1), silver (art.74289.S) and beige (art.74289.9).


ALING-CONEL traditionally exhibited at the largest and most prestigious world fair of electrical equipment and lighting LIGHT & BUILDING 2018 in Frankfurt from March 18 to March 23, 2018.

A record number of exhibitors (2,714 from 55 countries) and a huge interest of visitors from all over the world make this fair a special place for presenting companies and innovations in the field of electrical industry and lighting.

We presented a wide range of products, and our new home automation program under the OBLO living brand attracted special attention.


ALING-CONEL proširuje svoju paletu priključnog pribora sa osam novih artikala:

443.x - trostruka prenosna priključnica bez kabla (x=bela; x=antracit)

445.x - petostruka prenosna priključnica bez kabla (x=bela; x=antracit)

4403.x - trostruka prenosna priključnica sa sklopkom bez kabla (x=bela; x=antracit)

4405.x - petostruka prenosna priključnica sa sklopkom bez kabla (x=bela; x=antracit)


Ove prenosne priključnice karakteriše velika sigurnost pri korišćenju. Konstrukcijski su nerastavne i na njima se ne mogu vršiti nikakve popravke.


Kabal se priključuje skidanjem dela poklopca sa zadnje strane. Preporuka za ugradnju kabla je PP/J 3x1,5mm² i 3x2,5mm², H05 VV-F. Prilikom ugradnje, obavezno se pridržavati dužina kablova naznačenih na proizvodu.


Thanks to Serbian Chamber of Commerce, company ALING-CONEL exhibited within joint booth of SERBIA at International business fair PANAIR 2017, that was held from 23rd till 26th of November 2017.

A wide range of products has been exhibited, that attracted much attention.

We kindly thank to all visitors and looking forward to inquiries of new customers.